Blockbuster Rom-Com Sequels About Masks For The Year 2020

27 Masks
A girl who’s always the mask wearer, never the bride, meets a guy with exceptionally good mask wearing hygiene. He is astounded to learn she has 27 different kinds of masks–bedazzled masks, edible masks and a mask with her whole family at the beach pictured having a jolly time. Will they get engaged so she can finally be wearing a bridal mask on a socially distanced zoom wedding as her family cheers while on mute from afar or is she destined to be masked and Skyping with her family pug, Pugaloo, forever?

The Mask
A nerdy guy who hates wearing masks can’t get any dates and doesn’t know what to do! When he discovers a magical green face mask with mystical powers, suddenly everyone on Tinder is willing to meet him, including a sexy singer who vaguely resembles Cameron Diaz if you squint hard enough. But when that mask gets him into a bad situation like robbing a bank social distance style, is it worth it? 

Must Love Masks
A woman finds a man who always wears a mask above his nose and he too notices her exceptionally hot mask wearing etiquette and rule following. The woman says not wearing masks is a deal breaker and the man says he has the same dealbreaker. Will they fall in love and realize they both need someone who “must love masks”?

There’s Something about That Mask
A newly single hot chick with the most flattering mask has to fend off three suitors who want to date her. But her close friend also likes her and asks her to do a zoom date instead of a date in a crowded restaurant. Will she fall for his sexy pragmatic date choice and caution about meeting up IRL due to the spread of Covid-19? Or is she destined to get something weird in her hair anyway and contract Covid-19?

You’ve Got Masks
A woman from a fashion-forward mask company and a man from a Republican company promoting no masks meet on a dating site where they both have vague profiles. When they meet up in real life and realize who the other person is, things take a turn for the worse. Can they learn to compromise and wear half a mask that’s 25% helpful at fighting the virus or is their relationship doomed?

My Best Friend’s Mask
A woman is shocked to hear that her best friend is getting married to a much younger woman who turns out to be an essential worker. She is invited to their zoom wedding to watch from afar but instead flies to where he lives so she can be part of preparing for the big day. When she sees his mask pinched tightly over the bridge of his nose with absolutely no gappy edges, she realizes she has been in love with him the whole time and also she’s safer to date cause she’s not an essential worker. She does everything she can to sabotage their zoom wedding including disabling the wifi in their house, reporting his zoom account to the IRS and hiring some sexy zoom bombers for the big day. Will she be able to sabotage their wedding and win the masked man of her dreams or is she destined to be sheltering in place solo style while browsing eharmony sadly?

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