Hey Counselors, It’s Me, Your Favorite Day Camper!

I’m here. Only 45 minutes early today, but I’m here. I heard it’s t-shirt pickup day and oh boy, am I excited. Yes, before you ask, my camp shirt is a child’s extra-large. I promise you that I’m normally at least an adult extra-small, sometimes even just a small. No, I don’t want to sit and watch Toy Story 4 with the rest of the campers, I want to keep talking to you!

I read this week’s snack line-up on the chalkboard and I have to congratulate you all. It’s a work of art. I’m especially glad to see the exclusion of Ritz bits Wednesdays. I’m sure you all know about my peanut allergy by now. On those days, I’d have to get a snack out of my special bin, and it’s gotten embarrassing. 

Today, when we go on the field trip to visit the animals on the farm, after snack, I plan on leading my own group. Yes I know that’s the counselor’s job, but come on, it’s me! Still no? Well, let me know if you ever need some help on the inside.

Hey, how old do you have to be to become a counselor? 12, 13? 18? Well, my teacher last year, Mrs. Morrison, said I was a natural leader so I think I’m basically a shoo-in for a job here next summer. I actually got all As on my report card, so maybe I’ll start working next week.

Where will you all be sitting for lunch? I know you normally eat at the picnic table under the tree, away from the campers, but I think I’d be a great addition. My thermos is filled with grapes that taste like cotton candy, and they could be all yours if it means I get to sit with you.  

You guys all watch Euphoria? Me too. Yes, I’m sure I do! I think I would know what TV shows I watch. My favorite episode? All of them. Favorite character? I can’t decide. 

I’d really prefer it if you didn’t check your phone while I’m speaking. By the way, what’s your Instagram? Snapchat? You don’t have them or you don’t want to tell me? I promise I won’t share with any of the other campers–I can’t use my iPod touch? How about during after-camp? Actually, my mom told me to ask if you wouldn’t mind extending it again? I know that I was here until 7 last night, but she said she just needs “another hour of peace,” so if you need me later today, I’ll be reorganizing the construction paper.

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