That Time I Drunk Texted Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Liver

U up?

Who is this?

I know u want space. But I’m so worried, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s liver.

Oh. I thought I blocked you.

Every time I see something about u in the news, I die. I wanna crawl in a cave and never come out. I need u. We need u. We can’t survive without u.

Seriously, how did you get the new number?

His liver loves crates of Grapefruit Rose, if u must know. 😉

Dammit Brett.

He means nothing to me.

Are you sure? Because we talked about taking recs from frat boy livers the last time you texted, which was two hours ago.

U complete me, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s liver. 

No one is completing anyone here.

“Don’t be distracted by emotions like anger, Mr. President.” I’m quoting you hahahaha. 😊😊

I never said that.

Is this about recognition? I know her other organs can get all the glory. Her brain, my god. 2nd woman to sit on the SC. Bush V Gore, 2000. “I dissent.” So eloquent. And her heart. Marty Ginsberg! When the kids asked what was for dinner and then whined about what was for dinner, he handled that shiz. 😉

Stop it with the Marty stanning.

Armie Hammer!!!!!

Trust me, Armie is no Marty.

I luv u so much. Marry me?

That’s sweet but no.

Srsly, it’ll be great. We will be together forever and ever and ever.

Are you the one sending me pics of engagement rings from a blocked number?


Wrong thread.

Liver. Liver. Liver. LIVER. Liiiiiivvvvvveeeerrrr.

I’m in the middle of a plank right now. This is a terrible time. Stop texting me.

OMG! She can just have my liver! My liver is srsly into barre. The way she cleans my blood. I’ll send U a sample and U decide. Can U mail blood?

Good God.

I’m begging u, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s liver. If u fall, we all fall. We all are tested to our very souls. Look inside yourself. What makes u a bad ass is that u don’t lose yourself in the fight. Dammit, don’t start giving up on us just yet. Do or do not, there is no try. They’ll never take away our freedom. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

What can I do to help you right now?

I just lost my phone.

It’s in your hands.

I dissent!


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