COVID-19 Is Real, Unlike The Moon Landing

I can’t believe I have to say the obvious but…COVID-19 is real unlike the moon landing, which was faked by the U.S. government.

During the typical 14 hours I spend daily on Reddit, I’ve come across multiple baseless threads about how coronavirus is a bioweapon engineered to force mass vaccinations. And let me just say…do you hear yourself? Do you hear how crazy you sound?

COVID is not a hoax planned and staged by the American government to get us all to stay home. First of all, there’s no clear incentive for them to do this unlike when they staged the moon landing to win the space race against the Soviet Union.

Second of all, the quarantine caused a global recession, which is the opposite of what a government would want. If Washington actually manifested this whole theater production, like they did with the Apollo 11 mission, they would’ve contrived a disease that made America look like it was #1 on the global stage. As many of you know, this is exactly why President Kennedy even wanted to feign the moon landing to begin with.

This whole idea sweeping the nation that the global elites are trying to put tracking chips in the vaccinations is completely off base, this time. Hollywood is not working alongside the Pentagon like they did back in 1969 when Stanley Kubrick used a high-budget film to trick the general public into believing we planted the American flag on the moon. In fact, Hollywood is losing money due to the pandemic.

What most people touting these conspiracies don’t realize is that carrying out a fake pandemic in modern times would require deception on such a grand scale that it would be impossible to pull off. This is in contrast to the situation in the 60s when NASA worked with Disney, the mainstream media, and the Washington political establishment to carry out a ruse to hoodwink a generation of Americans into thinking we were scientifically advanced enough to reach the moon.

And look, I don’t trust the government and question every single one of their motives as much as the next guy. I also tape the webcam on my laptop which the FBI uses to spy on us. I also use encrypted-protected apps for all forms of communication in order to avoid surveillance. I also used a chemical to burn off all traces of my fingerprints. I get it.

But if every single scientist around the world is telling you to wear a mask and millions of people are getting sick, that’s real, unlike the Apollo 11 moon landing program that was specifically orchestrated to amplify nationalistic sentiments during the Cold War.  

So please, just social distance and wash your hands. Do your part to protect this flat earth. The real enemy we should be fighting is George Soros, not each other. Wearing a mask is a very small step you can take to make a big difference. As the phony astronaut Neil Armstrong once said during the moon landing that never occurred, what’s “one small step for man, [is] one giant leap for mankind.”

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