Coats Are About To Have A Moment

It seems that summer is starting to ghost us and a new season is sliding into our DMs. You know what that means–new fashion trends! So what will everyone be wearing as we head into the end of the year? I have insider information that straight from the couture runways in Paris, this year’s hottest fall trend is: coat! 

What exactly is a coat? Coat or coté as they say in Paris is a big piece of fabric with two sleeves. If you’re thinking, that’s a shirt–buckle up girlfriend. A coat is like a shirt if you sliced down the front of your shirt leaving it open. It doesn’t stop there, a coat can be opened or closed either with a zipper or buttons. Très chic! 

One of the many great things about coat is that it can fit anyone’s personal style. Are you trying to serve executive realness? Girl boss, if you barge into the conference room in a coat, you’ll for sure seal the deal! Boho babes can get their coat with fringe to show off their free spirit. Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Surprise your partner by wearing only a coat! You’ll be screaming “thank you coat” by the end of the night. 

This autumn, make a statement. Statement: coat. Now if you’re thinking, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a coat!” or “who am I? My mother?” Trust me, coats are about to have a moment. Taylor Swift was seen wearing a coat when she arrived at the American Country Music Awards. Rihanna has worn a coat before. Even Timothée Chalamet has been spotted galavanting around New York City in a coat. 

If you’re not scrolling Instagram for coat inspo by now, let me give it to you straight: there’s something magical about a coat. It’s not just a piece of clothing, it’s an experience. I’ve never felt more powerful than when I slide my arms into the sleeves of my coat, letting the inner fabric (which is sometimes different from the outer fabric!) caress me like a long lost lover. For a moment, as I button up my coat I feel as if I’m being embraced by every woman ever. They’re rooting for me and my coat. 

So what are you waiting for? You know as the Fall turns to winter this trend will skyrocket. Snatch your coat up before they’re all sold out! Also lowkey coat hack: it can keep you warm! 

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