Cranky Old Hotmail

What do you see millennials?
What do you see?
What are you thinking,
when you’re emailing me?

A cranky old server?
I sit here and drool?
Can’t block all the spam?
There isn’t a tool?

I hear you giggle,
or make a hushed sigh,
Think I didn’t notice,
when you hit reply?

Not certain it’ll load?
You’re being a fool.
I know what I’m doing,
Though you think I’m not cool.

Open your eyes,
and find my new brand.
I’m also called Outlook,
so give me a hand.

I still work damn hard,
I blazed my own trail.
Though many of my users,
Could still be quite frail.

At Twenty-Four now,
I’m not just some child.
And my tech support team,
Well, they’re generally mild.

My users, once young,
have gone on and grown,
They deleted my app,
off of their phone.

The days have been hard
but I still persist,
I will stay and fight,
those stupid long lists.
Of worst emails to use,
and “You still exist!?”

I remember the start
Of the internet boom
People surfing the net
And playing games like Doom.

So open your inboxes,
and just try to see,
That I’m not just some email,
cranky as can be.

Look closer, you kids,
and finally see ME.

I may have old code,
but still work quite well,
So all you millennials,
can go straight to hell.

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