by Gale Acuff

I don’t want to die but I might as well

I learned in Sunday School today, the point

was that when I do I’ll wake up dead in

Heaven or Hell and Heaven’s better and

I’ll live with God and Jesus and their friends/

and never have to die again and do

almost anything I want so I asked

our teacher if that means that I can sin

and get away with not being punished

but she said No, Gale, we can only do

that which pleases God so I asked her What

do you mean by we, I meant that maybe

she’d go to Hell herself, no disrespect

intended, and that’s when she told me to

leave the classroom so I did but as I

did I said I should stay and all of you

should leave – I need religion a lot more,

which is funny now that I think of it

as I sit out here on the plywood steps

of our mobile-home Sunday School classroom

and wonder why the sun is standing still.

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