Norman Rockwell Paints Thanksgiving 2020

Freedom From Want

A poignant tableau of intergenerational family life. As the matriarch and patriarch carve a golden-brown turkey at the head of an empty table, we see their grandchildren via Zoom on a nearby iPad, sitting down to their own feast of turkey jerky and White Claws.

Cousin Reginald Catches the Thanksgiving Turkey

The titular Reginald stands in the Kroger poultry aisle, wrestling with a plump, rosy-cheeked woman over the last turkey in the store. Her foot is planted on his chest. His hand, shoved into her forehead. In the background, an hourly worker gazes at the tumult, wearing an expression that says, “I don’t get paid enough for this.”

The Thanksgiving Pie

Rarely is so much of American life captured in a single composition. Here, a GrubHub driver carries a steaming pizza up to an apartment door. He’s masked, but the two customers clamoring toward him are not. As they lunge for the pie, he bends impossibly backwards, defying the laws of physics in a desperate attempt to avoid the particles spewing from their greedy mouths.

The Wishbone

Ah, the joys of childhood! Two fresh-faced youngsters fill the foreground, tugging spitefully at either end of a glistening PS5 controller. The young girl’s visage is contorted in a tearful wail. Her brother’s cheeks, flushed with rage. Behind them stands their mother, face aghast and shoulders sagging as if realizing the folly of asking for “just one nice day for a change.”

Thanksgiving Ye Glutton

Public shaming offers up a bit of good fun in this sardonic depiction of an anti-masker as a pilgrim in a stockade. Though pilloried, the delinquent Karen bears an unrepentant grin, MAGA hat resting jauntily atop her asymmetric haircut. Masked onlookers gather round to film the spectacle, the visible portions of their faces jolly with schadenfreude.

A Pilgrim’s Progress

A clever portrait of the trials and travails of an armchair epidemiologist. Witness the masterful rendering of light as the blue glow from his laptop dances across his face. His brow furrowed in deep concentration, he dodges notifications from all sides as he copy-pastes a block of text from The Daily Stormer. 

Couple Uncrating Turkey

In this heartwarming display of marital bliss, a young couple surveys the veritable cornucopia spilling out from their HelloFresh box. The husband hoists the turkey with one hand, confidently tossing the instructions in the trash with the other. Erstwhile, his wife glances at a delivery menu, already dialing her phone.

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