Student Success Testimonial: Things Are Going Great?

I would like to thank Success University’s Business School for reaching out to me to provide a testimonial for the School’s website in order to attract more majors during these viral times. SU’s business curriculum has certainly prepared me for the fearfully few opportunities available during the pandemic. The School’s faculty, courses, experiences and internships are worth their weight in gold, or should I say sanitizer?

My last semester I gained valuable knowledge from my courses. In particular I learned that Professor Newt’s two cats had opposing personalities. During our contract negotiations course, Fluffle just wanted to lay on the bed that Prof. Newt’s webcam displayed in the background. Preventing Fluffle from his slumbers, Snark hissed and jabbed at his poor housemate, dissuading any attempted nap time. Admittedly, this felines dance proved more engaging than the subject matter. Moreover, I would be remiss not mentioning Hubert the pug’s audit of our Auditing class with Prof. Hugh Greathouse, CPA. The lecture on corporate financial reporting was most captivating when Hugh’s Hubert decided to enter the room with his squeak ball. These two faculty members, courses, and experiences reveal what a truly exemplary program SU offers, especially in these unprecedented times in the Academy.

I have to say the internship I had gave me valuable professional experience. Entirely online and completed from my couch, the tenure with Remote Consultants Inc. gave me the skills to enter the highly competitive work-from-your-couch job market. Sadly, the internship lasted just three months, but now that I have my degree, they may hire me back once funding is there, which is indefinite as they may get bought out or disbanded—or not—according to vacillating economic rumors. Flexibility is key.

Nevertheless, I have taken my cutting-edge industry knowledge and skills that I have gained from SU’s Business School and applied them to my life after college. Though I have yet to find a job in the non-existent, COVID-affected market, I am utilizing my skills daily in the house. Just the other day, I utilized my multi-tasking skills gained from juggling four online courses and an internship. RENO 911 reruns were on cable, but so was Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Each airing had commercials at different times and since I don’t have TIVO, I was forced to use critical thinking skills and executive decision-making to change the channel at just the right time to not miss anything.

Moreover, I translated my skills of budgeting, taken from my Accounting courses, by eating only a quarter of a large bag of tortilla chips three times a day, which meant I could spread the Tostitos over two days, e.g. four meals! This is something I can bring to my future workplace when I bring a bag to the breakroom. Additionally, I have learned to downsize, conserving energy and resources, just like any CEO or CFO would do. I have worn the same clothes for six days straight, no easy feat. By doing this, I have likely saved many calories that would have been burned in the exertion of changing into new clothes. Not to mention, I salvaged real dollars by lowering water bills as well as detergent and drier sheet costs. Prof. Hugh Greathouse, CPA would be proud and so would his pugnacious pug.

If there is one thing SU’s Business School taught me, it’s that you never stop learning. I’ve had so much time on my hands that I’ve actually read all my old textbooks a second time. And all of them are digital, so I am constantly dialed in, just like I would be mindlessly, endlessly staring at my computer screen in my cubicle at my hypothetical office if there were no global pandemic. So it appears Success University prepared me not only for precedented times, but also for unprecedented times. Would I consider my time after graduating with an SU degree a success? Hell yes! If I didn’t, you wouldn’t feature it on your Program website. What else am I supposed to say?

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