Celebrity Oreo Endorsements For 2021

“Oreo announced that they will release a pack of Chromatica-inspired cookies worthy of Lady Gaga’s iconic style. They are made with pink-hued Golden Oreos with green colored creme and three Chromatica-inspired cookie embossments on the outside, including a beautiful heart design.”


The Nabisco Oreo team is very excited about the release of their Lady Gaga cookies. They will be a limited-time-only offering from the cookie giant, but Gaga won’t be their only celebrity partnership. Our inside source got a sneak peek of what additional, limited-time-only celebrity cookies are on the way for the brand in 2021.

Taylor Swift: Oreo will be collaborating with the 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter. The cookies are rumored to be yellow on the outside with blue icing, to represent Taylor’s signature hair color and enchanting eyes. Each cookie just says “T” on one side and “Swift” on the other. Make sure to look out for the bonus cookie that just says, in barely legible, very tiny print “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, Kanye.”

Elon Musk: The SpaceX CEO and all-around quirky, eccentric genius will be designing cookies that will make every single person who sees them on shelves go “Huh he named his kid what I can only assume is a math equation?” and “Shouldn’t he be getting rockets to fly? Why is he making cookies?”

Tom Hanks: Does this one need an explanation? OF COURSE, you want Oreos designed by the world’s most delightful and consistently likable famous person.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: The famous former celebrity couple did not technically agree to this partnership with Nabisco, but since the American people can’t seem to focus on anything but trying to force this divorced couple to remarry, Oreo will be selling cookies with 1 row that say “Jen” on each cookie, and another row of cookies that say “Brad”, and the two rows of cookies in between will say “Jen and Brad.” It’s really stupid and if the American population put as much focus into volunteer work as we do trying to decrypt the sexual tension between former lovers, we’d, I don’t know probably cure something? It’s a lot. Of course, former spouses will have some attraction still there, they got married!

Donald Trump: No this isn’t happening, if it did happen though, the cookies would be orange, it would be hacky, and only half the country would buy them. They are not doing this.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: The box will look like it has Oreos in it, but when you open it, they will just be rows of low-sodium beef jerky, celery, and 1 potato engraved with the sentence “The rent is due every day.” Man, that guy is inspiring, the rent really is due every day, goals take daily effort, the grind is our purpose.

Nicolas Cage: The boxes will have 3 rows of traditional Oreos, but the last row on the right will hold a tiny scroll of blank paper, with a note that indicates this sneaky devil once again stole the Declaration of Independence!

Kim Kardashian: The world’s most famous-for-no-clear-reason reality queen will release these cookies; they will look like regular Oreos but will have her name on them. It will spark the question of “Why is Oreo doing this? Regular Oreos have always been fine why do we have to attach celebrities to everything?” You will instead just buy a box of regular, celebrity-free Oreos because Oreos are delicious.

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