How To Work From Home When Your House Is Full Of Bees

  1. First off, count your bees. Call out, “Alexa, what is the number of bees in my house?” She will know. She sees everything.
  2. Show no signs of weakness. As the swarm descends upon you, calmly type some emails. The bees might leave you alone when they see your strong work ethic.
  3. When the bees grow more irritable, sing “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac to them. Make sure you’re muted on that Zoom call with your coworkers. The song might soothe the bees.
  4. When that fails, log in to Netflix and put on the Bee Movie. Build a rapport with the bees. Let them know you understand their struggles. 
  5. Pour some honey into a bowl and set it out for the bees. This will distract them long enough for you to message a client. (Yes, this counts as working.)
  6. Carefully search for a yellow shirt and black pants. Put them on. The bees need to know you’re one of them. 
  7. Name the bees, one by one. That’s Deborah. That one’s Greg. Here comes Bill. There’s Shirley swiping a bread crumb off of the floor. Start feeling like a proud bee parent. You are one now.
  8. Abandon all of your responsibilities and lead your swarm into the nearest forest. This is your new home. You might as well accept it.

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