Robert Frost Revises Three Of His Poems After Experiencing First World Problems

Robert Frost Falls Asleep with a Cough Drop in His Mouth  

Whose cough this is I think I know  
Its scratch is in my pharynx though;    
The Ricola must quell it here
To cease post-nasal dripping flow   

My tired throat would think it queer   
To hack without a lozenge near 
Between the itch and coughing shake   
To sleep is better than to fear.    

Dry mouth confronts me when I wake  
But I’ve not made a grave mistake    
My taste buds were not mine to keep      
Worth stale breath and numbing ache! 

My tongue is filmy, dank and deep   
But I had several dreams to keep,    
And at least I got some needed sleep,    
And at least I got some needed sleep 

Robert Frost Takes A Cold Shower After His Teenage Daughter Uses All of the Hot Water 

Some say the wash should end in fire, 
You have left ice. 
Freezing water makes me inquire 
Why I can’t have some liquid fire 
And if I had to shower twice, 
I think I know enough to state 
Both my showers will end in ice 
I’m now irate  
This won’t suffice. 

Robert Frost Gets Lost on A Short Hike and Has to Ask for Directions to His Car 

Two roads diverged in idyllic wood, 
And I think I’ve hiked one side before 
Glancing to the left as far as I could 
Yeah, I was here at two, this isn’t good  
And now it’s already half past four!  

I’ll ask that stranger, “where is my car?” 
As he has perhaps the better claim 
“Past those tall trees,” he said. “It’s not too far.” 
“You’ll arrive before the north star!”   
Which tall trees? They all look the same! 

As darkness approaches, still in those trees 
On leaves my steps had walked before 
I see my car; someone heard my pleas! 
Where in the hell are my car keys? 
I see them from behind the locked car door. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
If two roads diverge in a wood, then I- 
I suggest turning around. Why? 
Safe at home makes all the difference. 

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