Oh The Places I’ll Go (When The Pandemic Ends)

I’ll go to every single birthday party that I’m invited to, even the ones that require that I leave my apartment after having already come home from work.

I’ll go to every doctor’s appointment on the originally scheduled date.

I’ll go to every free event for which I’ve rsvp’d.

I’ll meet friends for coffee in their neighborhood.

I’ll go to a museum that has the word History in its name.

I’ll go out to eat at restaurants that serve more than just fried chicken.

I’ll go to the dentist.

I’ll go to parties hosted by my friends in their 20’s even though I know I won’t want to sit on a single piece of furniture in their apartment.

I’ll go to Trader Joe’s on a Sunday.

I’ll go to the post office (do they still exist?).

I’ll go to a bar on a Friday night.

I’ll go to the ballet even though I don’t know how or when or where they (it?) happen(s).

I’ll buy new socks (I’m realizing this is probably something I should’ve been doing all along).

I’ll go to a professional sporting event even though I see them as a health risk even when there isn’t a pandemic.

I’ll go to a male strip club (this isn’t anything new, I’m just going to continue going to them).

I’ll go to a baby shower.

I’ll go see my actor friend perform stand-up for the first time.

I’ll go… actually never mind about that last one I got a little carried away. Also I may not actually go the dentist.

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