Appily Ever After: Digital Age Fairy Tales

Foot fetishist Prince Charming swipes left until the glass slipper matches on Ms. Right, giving the Prince a happy ending- and giving his working-class lass the ultimate status update.

Booty And The Beast
Instagram thirst finally pays off when reply guy The Beast compliments Belle’s bootilicious belfie with his emoji poetry in the comments—and turns his “likes” into her love. (After initially negging her, of course.) 

Aladdin and Alexa
A street urchin makes wishes to a smart speaker containing an electronic genie, who responds to these requests with personalized advertisements generated by algorithms.

Hansel And Gretel Alert
Our titular siblings are abducted by a cannibalistic witch, but are found when their father geo-tracks their whereabouts via their phones’ GPS technology.

Bullied Goats Gruff
Three scapegoated goats use their wits to get an evil Twitter troll (who’s also a literal troll) TOS’ed off a bridge.

The Emperor’s New Post
The influencer Emperor posts an #OOTD fashion pic in which he is actually naked, but his followers nonetheless praise his “fire fit” and call his look “fierce.”

The TikTok Dancing Shoes
A king creepily installs a webcam in the locked bedrooms of his 12 princess daughters, hoping to find out why their shoes are worn as if they’ve been out dancing all night. When the footage reveals that his daughters have actually been dancing inside all night on TikTok, a compromise is reached when dad turns his castle into a hype house and takes a cut of their endorsement money earned from their routines.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Catfish
Our heroine leans that the suspicious Facebook account belonging to her “sickly grandma” is actually a wolf in disguise…a hunch proven correct by Catfish’s Nev Schulman and Max Joseph’s adept use of a reverse Google image search.

The Ugly Duckface
An ugly duckling turns into a sexy swan—at least in their profile pic!—with the help of flattering filters.

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