To The Lovely Pricks Of The FDA!

That tough little prick AstraZenaca,
Stronger than a cream with calendula
Online signup in knots
No appointments for shots
But one in the Taurus Crab Nebula

Keep your eyes on the one they call Janssen
Clinical trials say he’s stroppily handsome
Oh dear where’d he go?
In that office that’s closed?
Here, give me a boost through that transom

There’s no one as sweet as that Novavax
His kisses more sensuous than a sax
Unapproved for mum
And she’s feeling glum
Their first date’s for Batman on IMAX

That icy cold Pfizer-BioNTech,
Closed and tight as a bottle’s neck
But his dates say he’s hot
With his prick’s second shot
I’d dance up on him at the discotheque 

Watch out for that one chap Moderna
Give him an arm and he’ll spurn ya!
You want him so bad
Your shoulder unclad
But five months yet till your turna 

Oh dear FDA, let’s not wait until May,
for this saucy girl needs a roll in the hay.
And I haven’t any care
for that child over there
Send those pricks right along
Let me hear the door dong!
For I need their right swipes 
And the juice in their pipes
Oh dear, oh dear FDA.

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