Quiz: Is This A Text From Nancy Pelosi Or A Line From A Stalker In A Movie?

Fundraising or Hair Raising?

1. “My heart just sank.”

2. “I could get upset. Things could get out of hand.”

3. “I’m incredibly alarmed.”

4. “I’ve been waiting since 6 o’clock last night to hear from you. I’ve been worried sick.”

5. “I hate to text you on a Saturday, but this can’t wait.”

6. “My heart just dropped into my stomach.”

7. “I’m disappointed. I’m hurt.”

8. “I love it when you wear blue.”

9. “This is the most important text I have ever sent you.”

10. “I’m just asking you to acknowledge your responsibilities.”

11. “I’ve been in awe of all your hard work this month.”

12. “You will now have an opportunity. ‘What is that opportunity,?’ you ask.”

13. “We lean on each other, and we protect each other. We’re best friends.”

14. “All I’m asking is fifteen minutes. That’s all.”

15. “I’m asking from the bottom of my heart.”

16. “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you.”

17. “I’m heartbroken. And I have no choice but to take drastic action to fix this.”

18. “Have you checked the children?”

19. “Mark my words: I will stop at nothing.”


An actual text from Nancy P. asking you to donate to the DNCC:


A line from a movie character who terrorizes the life of another human being: 

2,7,12 (Cape Fear)
4,13,16 (Single White Female)
8 (Unsane)
10 (Fatal Attraction)
14 (The King Of Comedy)
18 (When a Stranger Calls)

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