Stolen Normal Moments Of Quarantine

When you’re on a walk at dusk and the sky is full of purple and pink hues and for a moment there is no one on the street so you pull your mask down around your neck and you feel the cool air on your face and then a car drives by and the driver yells, “Damn that’s a big ass!”

When you want to donate to a worthy cause and you decide to check your bank balance first and then you see your balance and you say, “What the fuck?” and then you look at your transactions and see a charge for $38.65 for something called Dante Incorporated and you think. “That’s a fraudulent charge!” so you click on it for more info and you realize that Dante Incorporated is your local deli and you spent $38.65 there the other day on ice cream, licorice and tea.

When you take out the recycling and decide not to wear a mask cause it’ll be super quick and you slip on your snow boots and go downstairs to the recycling bin and as you stand there on the sidewalk diligently separating your recycling, feeling superior to your lazy neighbors who don’t separate paper from plastic and glass and then a car drives by and the driver yells, “Damn that’s a big ass!”

When you tell yourself in the morning that you’ll go for a run today. And you spend the day considering what’s the best time to run and you finally decide to run in the evening when there will be less people on the track, then at 8 p.m. you look at the clock and decide that 8 a.m. is actually the best time to run, so looks like running will have to wait until tomorrow.

When you’re at the grocery store and you’re waiting in line outside because it’s not your turn to go in yet and you’re the only person currently in line so you pull your mask down and decide that this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favorite podcast then as you’re putting your headphones in your ears a car drives by and the driver yells, “Damn that’s a big ass!”

When you’re having pizza for dinner for the third night in a row and in order to quell your guilt about not fulfilling your responsibility to be a fit, beautiful, perfect woman, you tell yourself, “It’s just cause this week was crazy, I had to bring a package upstairs from the vestibule, I had to Skype with my nephews, when was I supposed to cook? Next week I’ll cook more.”

When you’re sad that no one has been calling or texting to check in on you and you complain to your partner that they are the only person in the whole world who cares that you even exist and then your phone rings and you look to see who it is and it’s a really good friend and you hit “decline”.

When you’re on your way to do laundry and you’re carrying two heavy bags of clothes even though you shouldn’t because of your bad back and you don’t even have enough detergent for this much clothing and as you’re walking you notice there is no one on this block so you pull down your mask and breathe easy then a car drives by and the driver yells, “ Damn that’s a big ass!”

When you’re catching up on your email and you open the latest email and you start reading and you’ve only read as far as “I hope this email finds you…”.

When you’re catching up on the days news and you read that a police officer killed an unarmed black man for the for the fourth time this week.

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