Target Moms: A Meetup Group For Women Who Live The #TargetLife

55 Members – Public Group
Location Pine Village Shopping Center Target
Upcoming Events: 

Beauty on The Inside

Why confront life’s problems when you can change the entire look of your living room instead? Seriously though! You’ll be so distracted by textiles, wall sconces, and all the little details that make a room perfect, that you’ll forget about every unmet expectation or dream you’ve ever had. We’ll wrap things up with a quick throw pillow scream session too. It’s going to be retail therapy on a whole new level.

Self Care in The Candle Aisle

You’ve probably been taught that recharging your batteries has to look a certain way—like actual hobbies or interests that feed your soul. Ugh. Anyway, whether you’re vanilla obsessed or a sucker for strawberry, you’ll learn how to turn the candle aisle into  the “me time” you need. Self-expression has got nothing on a little aromatherapy, after all.

Live. Laugh. Love. 

Aligning yourself with your values and a renewed sense of purpose is like, a lot of work, are we right ladies? You’ll learn a series of mantras (some might call them cliches, but not us!) to help you drown out any call you might feel to take a firm stance on things like social inequity or climate change.

Checked Out

If you haven’t completely excused yourself from the responsibility of living authentically just yet, this is the meeting for you. We’ll show you shopping hacks that will make the  burden of being “interesting” a thing of your past! Trust us (we’re talking to you, Lauren!): As long as you throw in a few cool, eclectic touches no one will even NOTICE you’re coasting along on autopilot.

DIY Lobotomy Workshop

Whether you’re ready to be emotionally blunted or simply reduce your sense of self, we’ve got you covered. Using everyday tools (available in the kitchen section at an unbeatable value!) we’ll help you perform your very own lobotomy. Whoever said you can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. #TargetLife

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