For Whom The Bell Claps

Outside there was a wetness and a coldness. Inside there was a warmness. Inside there was not the wetness and the coldness and the being outside of the outside. Inside where Robert and Maria were it was warm. It was warm inside where Robert and Maria were, but there was no fishing.

Robert said, “There is no fishing.”

“No,” Maria said, “But it is warm.”

“Yes,” Robert agreed, “It is warm.”

“And that is something.”

“Yes,” said Robert. “It is something. But it is not everything. It is not the fishing thing.”

Maria looked at Robert. She saw he was not happy. This made her not be happy.

“I will find some way to make you happy,” Maria said. She said this to Robert. “I will find some way to have the fishing and the being warm at once.”

The Old One brought them el medicamento. It would help with the burning. But not, she thought, with their acusaciones. Yet the sickness, it was not their fault. It was from El Bacilo. The Old One knew this. The Old One was also a Nurse Practitioner.  She said, “Cease your recrimanaciones! It is not from thee. It is El Bacilo from whence the clap comes!”

And they listened to The Old One, and they took the huge white pills that were very strong and very good. And they commenced to rejoice, for now they could do the warm fishing and not catch anything, out in the rain.

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