8 Turtlenecks That Tell Your Date You Know How To Handle Your Finances

First impressions are important. You definitely want to appear cool on a date but you also want to let your date know what’s important to you — that’s where your clothes come in. What you wear says a lot about you, and if money is as important to your date as it is to you, boy do I have a list that’ll knock your socks right off. 

Here are the 8 turtlenecks that’ll do the work for you, so you can subtly show off your financial literacy without having to bring it up in conversation. 

#1 — You probably have a Roth IRA if you chose this top.

#2 — This baby just screams portfolio diversification.

#3— Look at this one. The silky texture effortlessly hints at multiple income streams.

#4 — Ever heard of REITs? Because the person wearing this turtleneck definitely has.

#5 — This collar has crypto written all over it.

#6 — This hunky outfit is for the person who can get you the best tax return. Now that’s sexy.

#7— The tight cut demonstrates deep dedication to proper budgeting.

#8 — Need to refinance your mortgage? These sleeves will help you.

There you have it. These knitted bad boys are guaranteed to give off the right amount of: “hmmm, I think they have good credit” just in time for tax season. So while money can sometimes be an uncomfortable date topic, these 8 handsome garments will do all the talking for you. They’ll be sure to accentuate your anatomic (and economic) assets!

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