A Very Elderly Lady’s View On Covid-19

by Kate MacDonald

We’ve been unaware a battle rages, between these two and has for ages.
When a Bacterium would kill us, we could be saved by a Bacillus.
Complaints from phthisis to hysteria, can be caused by a bacteria.

For each of us are the battleground, for a variety of germs around.
It gives a nervous woman the fidgets, to think these microscopic midgets
within our frames are always growing, and commonly without our knowing.

We each must learn the criteria, of bacillus or bacteria.
For those are our foes whilst these are friends, and therefore everything depends
on whether our guest mysterious, is bacillum or bacterius.

No, that’s wrong I’m getting them mixed, I must get the distinction fixed.
Strange if no difference there should be, betwixt Tweedledum and Tweedledee,
or rather, (I hope it’s all a hum) twixt bacillus and bacterium.

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