New MGM Movies Premiering On Amazon Prime

”The real financial value behind this deal is the treasure trove of IP in the deep catalog that we plan to reimagine and develop together with MGM’s talented team.” —Amazon Executive Mike Hopkins


SUBJECT: 2022 Production Lineup

Hey MGM-ers,

I know you haven’t had a chance to move into the new offices yet, so I went ahead and had our brand integration team reimagine a whole slate of releases for 2022.

We can’t wait to bring this treasure trove of IP to our Prime Video customers!

Mike H.


2022 Amazon/MGM Lineup [CONFIDENTIAL]

Get Shorts

John Travolta reprises his role as Chili Palmer, now 25 years older and on the market for some relaxed-fit shorts. Will Prime’s 2-Day Shipping get them to him in time for his big beach trip? Of course it will. That’s the Prime 2-Day Guarantee.

James Brand

Daniel Craig stars as a thrifty international spy assigned to infiltrate the mysterious Solimo organization and hunt down the best deals on household products. 

Rockin’ Rocky

The famed boxer starts a new chapter of his life after a mid-life crisis convinces him to quit professional sports and finally pursue his dream of becoming a rock star famous enough to be featured in the Amazon Music HD catalog.

Thelma & Louise 2

Your favorite gal pals are back! And this time the only car they’re driving is an Amazon Prime Delivery Van. They’ll get you that Whole Foods delivery in under an hour or die trying!

Silence of the Cams

Clarice Starling returns in this gripping thriller about a middle-aged white woman who watches too much local news and becomes convinced a serial killer will break into her home. Thankfully a user on NextDoor introduces her to Amazon’s line of Ring security cameras and smart doorbells, giving  her the peace of mind to sleep quietly through the night.

Fargo Fulfillment Center

Fargo creators Joel and Ethan Coen write and direct this 98-minute promotional video for Amazon’s North Dakota fulfillment center, starring William H. Macy as new hire who joins the team after losing millions of dollars paying for his wife Felicity Huffman’s legal troubles.

A Prime Day Story

A holiday classic is reborn in this sequel to 1983’s A Christmas Story, only instead of focusing on a Red Ryder BB Gun this film features thousands of deep discounts on products that absolutely no one wants.

Forced Weddings and a Funeral

Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell both cameo in this gritty, serialized reboot of the classic rom-com, now set in a bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland. After humanity is almost entirely sterilized by a weaponized virus, an all-powerful A.I. based on ancient Alexa technology forces the survivors into arranged marriages with the hope of finding the lucky few who can still reproduce. Those who refuse are publicly executed.


Jeff Bezos stars as an unstoppable killing machine in this documentary about the rise of Amazon.

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