Twelve Indications Of How Far We’ve Come: From The Pandemic Back To Something Resembling Normal Life

·From hiring professionals to deep clean your house back to a little spit and a quick swipe with your sleeve if you see visible lint.

·From maintaining a social distance of at least six feet (or two grocery carts, whichever is easier), back to bear hugging your granddaughter’s piano teacher’s mother’s neighbor because you happen to be sitting on the same loveseat at a recital.

·From covering your cough, turning away and running into an unoccupied room back to sneezing explosively while holding your friend’s two-week-old grandchild and saying “Whew! Didn’t see that coming.”

·From keeping a generous and attractive face mask selection at your fingertips in every room of your house and both the front and back seats of the car back to resorting to holding your hand over your mouth while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.

·From lining up on your kitchen counter a blood oxygen meter, a forehead thermometer and a CDC list of Covid symptoms back to responding to someone’s 103-degree fever, dizziness and chills by saying, “That can’t be good.”

·From reporting promptly to each day’s Covid news conference featuring state and national officials back to turning up the radio, the better to sing along to “S-u-h-W-E-E-E-E-T Caroline/bom bom bom/good times never seemed so good” at the top of your (probably healthy) lungs.

·From celebrating your grandson’s birthday by standing on the sidewalk in front of his house and singing to him while wearing a face mask back to huddling together in a quilt-over-card-table tent and taking turns making rude but funny noises with your mouths.

·From refusing to ride in a car with anyone not living with you back to impulsively offering a ride to two strangers in the bus shelter who say they think that bus ain’t ever going to come.

·From using drive-throughs for prescriptions, lunch, a bank withdrawal and funeral calling hours back to wandering every aisle of a mega store before purchasing a single quart of ice cream.

·From studiously following every guideline and warning back to thinking most people aren’t any germier than usual so it’s okay to share a pole and put your nose into the nape of a stranger’s neck on a crowded subway.

·From scrubbing every handle, seat and table in the public domain with alcohol wipes back to watching your child lick the glass door at Dairy Queen without losing your shit or years of your life.

·From finding creative, inventive activities to do at home, including puzzles, sewing projects and bread, muffins, pancakes and cookies all made with sourdough starter back to whining about being bored and pretending to be Tina Turner singing, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” using a banana as a microphone.

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