NBA Draft Scouting Or Erotic Pop Song Lyric?

by Will Gibbons

“Tall, long, what an en-tic-ing prospect.”

“The thought of him, in those colors, thrills me.” 

“I wonder what he’ll wear the night it becomes official.” 

“He can do it quite well at most positions, a flexible teammate.” 

“If I’m them, where do I need it most?”

“If I’m in Toronto, I can shove him in anywhere and make it work.” 

“One person can’t fill all those holes, meet all those needs. But he’s a damn good start.”

“They’re licking their lips with so many options..” 

“He’s a guy who goes and GETS it, if you know what I mean.”

“Sam wants him, but does he want Sam back?”

“Will he be around later exactly where they want him?”

“A late-bloomer, a fun project, not a short fling.”

“When he goes to Chicago, he’s gonna make a lot of New Yorkers jealous.” 

“I’m drooling just thinking about him, all the potential.” 

“I’ve been wrong before, but I won’t be wrong about him.”

“He’s not my first choice there, but he’ll satisfy Greg and Becky til someone better comes along.”

“He shoots his shot, even when he knows it’s not going in.”

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