I’m Sorry, But It’s Not My Fault That My Viral Reddit Post Has Ruined Your Small Business

I know it’s difficult for restaurants to survive right now. And of course we should all do our part to support the small businesses that have been the hub of our happiest memories for countless years. But no, I will not be deleting my viral Reddit post calling out the Korean restaurant next door for including a racially insensitive “white” spicy option on their menu, even though the public backlash is now threatening their ability to keep the lights on.

Before you try to tell me that “white” spicy has nothing to do with race and is just a loose translation of an innocent Korean idiom for indicating a non-spicy option, stop. I know. I’ve read every comment on my front page karma-sponge of a slam dunk post. I like to think of myself as a free speech warrior, and if one man’s humorous photo upload on r/funny existentially threatens a business – I don’t care if it’s Wal-Mart, Microsoft, or Korea House Grill on Piedmont Street uptown – then it doesn’t deserve to survive. Laissez-faire, don’t care.

So what if the Daily Mail decided to publish my post as a sensationalized story with a “foreign restaurant offends whites with their racist menu, what do YOU think?” spin, causing the establishment to get vitriolic hate messages on Facebook? As an advocate of personal responsibility in this blame-others-first culture, I feel personally responsible to my lurker allies on Reddit who know a good thing when they see it and upvote me to Saturn practically overnight. Thank you, kind strangers.

Some people on Twitter have even suggested that I should step out from behind my anonymous username and publicly denounce and discredit my own content now that the restaurant has been spray painted with anti-Asian slurs all over their windows. As a student of history, this disturbs me. I think we all remember what happened the last time an unhinged pack of virtue signallers coordinated a hunt of so-called witches to cleanse the local community from the machinations of Satan. If you don’t remember, let’s just say the victims of that horrific genocide were not Mr. and Mrs. Jeong and their adult children who help out at the business when they can on the weekends.

To delete my post now would be an abject surrender to the reactionary forces of political correctness. I am not a soy boy, I just like soon tofu. And that’ll be regular spicy, thank you very much.

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