The Very Hungry Capitalist And Other Politician-Authored Books

The Clintons aren’t the only politicians teaming up with blockbuster authors! Check out these other bestselling titles by our favorite duos:

Elizabeth Warren and Danielle Steel: The Student

Seventeen-year-old Missy, a brave student activist, dreams of attending college, if only she could afford it. While engaged in a steamy affair with her English teacher, she wonders, what if college were free for everyone? Her 33-year-old teacher scoffs at her idea and tells her to look pretty and take off her top. 

Nevertheless, she persists and organizes a student rally by the statehouse, where she meets an age-appropriate boy who tells her he loves her for her mind. They successfully take their dreams of free college to the Iowa Supreme Court, even though that’s not really how this works and BTW of course this novel takes place in Iowa. 

Mitch McConnell and Stephen King: Damien Addison

In this thinly-veiled memoir, a baby is replaced by the devil incarnate at birth. He grows up to become the United States Senate Majority Leader. 

George W. Bush and Dan Brown: The Hussein Code

A young archaeologist travels to modern-day Mesopotamia to uncover treasures dating back centuries. There, he uncovers secrets from the past of Saddam Hussein and his ancestors, including artifacts humanity had for decades believed never actually existed…

(It’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. That’s what he finds.)

Bernie Sanders and Eric Carle: The Very Hungry Capitalist

Bernie Sanders summoned Eric Carle’s spirit from the dead to write this children’s picture book, which is exactly the same as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, except the marketing materials make it clear that it’s an allegory for capitalism. Was that what Carle was doing all along???

Don’t miss Sanders’ forthcoming When You Give a Fascist a Cookie.

Nancy Pelosi and Judy Blume: You Are a Moron and Other Things to Say to the Little Shits in Your 7th-Grade Class 

Has that bitch Casey commented on your puberty pudge one too many times? In this coming-of-age guide by the bestselling author of Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? and the force behind some of the spiciest takedowns of Donald Trump we’ve ever heard, learn how to make the mean girls and boys in your class cry using only your words. 

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