After Who Cares Wins In A Landslide, People Still Don’t Care About Canadian Politics, Including Canadians

In a stunning turn of events, Who Cares of the Never Heard Of Them party won the majority government in the Canadian parliament earlier this week in a crushing victory. Canadians supporting the right-wing opposition leader, Whoopdee Doo took to the streets to protest the results for reasons that they themselves are unsure of.  

One undecided voter who claims that they thought they were attending their co-worker’s baby shower but instead accidentally showed up to a polling booth had this comment to make: 

“Kids like vintage microwaves, right?” 

When Who Cares was interviewed via satellite shortly after their win, they were too busy scrolling Twitter on their phone to even realize they won the election.  

In other news across the world, literally anything else.  

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