New Classes At Jumpin’ Jack’s Jym!

Tired of the same old work-outs? Are they more like worn-outs? Then check out these new classes!

M & W, 8 a.m. “Walking Really Tall!”
Remember the fun of stilts? Never been on stilts? Either way this class is for you! Take it up a notch or two on Fridays at 8 a.m. with: “Walking Really Tall Dodge Ball!” Our team of certified trainers (American Dodgeball Association) will hurl red rubber bouncy balls ( just like elementary school!) at you while you attempt to jog on stilts around our beautiful indoor track to music!

T & Th, 9 a.m. “JJ’s Follow the Bouncin’ Ball!”
Music plus mini-trampolines plus ball-dodgin’ equals cardio blasting fun!  Our trained staff flings those babies at you as they circulate randomly through the studio. You never know where or when you’ll be the target! Develop quick responses, tolerance of sudden pain, and cat-like agility!

W & F, 5:45 p.m. “Reverse Marco Polo”
In our improved version of this classic, every participant wears a totally-blinding mask (provided or buy your own with cool JJJ insignia embroidery at our front desk), and our eager team of qualified H20 instructors pummels the class with those beauteous balls.  Participants get their chance here too, retrieving balls and striking back, all while still blind and yelling for dear life.  Talk about heart-revving adrenal function!

Fri, 5:45 p.m., and Sat & Sun, 10 a.m. “Pogo Party!”
Professional grade Pogo sticks are provided for this vertically challenging endurance class. And on Sat/Sun, the last twenty minutes of class include (yes!) our ADA team to aim those round rubber missiles at you from the sidelines. You’ve never been to a party like this!

M through F, 6 a.m. “The Yoga Challenge”
Can you maintain a Zen tranquility through your “inner journey” while being randomly smacked? It’s a great test of your power to meditate as you beef up your ability to focus on your breath despite major, painful distractions.

See our friendly, helpful front desk staff to sign a waiver and reserve a spot in any class.

Post work-out, don’t miss Jumpin’ Jack’s Juice Joint! Try the special JJJolt: Nutritious Yoohoo with a splash of industrial grade caffeine and two slugs of gin in a refillable, environmentally correct cup. Or bring your own mug and save 7 cents! The perfect way to keep your exercise buzz going!


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