Hinge Profiles For The Sanderson Sisters

Winnifred (Winnie)

Age: 666

Height: 5’11” (180’ on my broomstick)

Location: Bicoastal—splitting time between Salem, Massachusetts and the fiery pits of Hades

Work: HelLLC

Job Title: HWIC, Special Assistant to His Majesty, The Honorable Prince of Darkness, Master Satan

School: Bryn Mawr (most witches actually train here)

Family Plans: Wants children, but not to raise.

Together, we could… steal the life force of innocent children and live eternally in youth and beauty.

I want someone who… is a virgin to summon me back from the dead on All Hallow’s Eve.

The one thing you should know about me is… I’ll put a spell on you.


Age: 394

Height: 5’1”

Job Title: Local Wench, Right-Wand Woman to Winnie

Location: Right by my loving sister’s side, Satan-willing

School: Self-Taught, Book of Shadows

Politics: Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative

My most irrational fear… My impending death and destruction upon the dawn following All Hallow’s Eve. Or everyone hanging out without me!

I’ll fall for you if…. you let me ride your broomstick;) instead of the vacuum.

Believe it or not, I… can smell little boys and girls from miles away. Ew, yours needs a bath!


Age: 374

Height: 5’8”

Work: WiccanWorx LTD

Job Title: Beautiful Enchantress :*

Politics: Wokus Pokus

Drinking: Yes, wine and sheep’s blood.

A random shower thought I had recently…I bathe myself once per year, nude in the local river under the pale moonlight.

We’ll get along if… you’re also willing to give of body and soul to please His Majesty the Royal Prince of Darkness, King of Shadows, Beezlebub.

An overshare… I once laid with my dear sister Winifred’s ex-lover, Billy Butcherson, because he confessed his love for me and I enjoyed seeing him cry. When she found out, sweet Winnie poisoned him and sewed his mouth shut and now he rests in limbo for all eternity. Hot girl autumn xx

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