First Date Blues

by Kate MacDonald

I’m bobbing about on the ceiling, there’s something not quite right.
I’m dizzy, my head is reeling, what did I do last night?
The last thing I recall of that evening is being out on a date
with a stunning redhead named Moll, I think we got back fairly late.

She had decided the destination, so we met at a rundown bar,
she entered without hesitation, I wanted to get back in my car.
Is she the reason I’m floating up here, could she have spiked my drink?
But why would she want to do that? I needed some time to think.

My neck hurt and I felt so weak, then I looked down at my bed,
Moll smiled back at me and I knew, I was one of the unholy undead.
That deduction had been easy to make, I’d spotted her sharp pointy teeth.
Now I’ll be spending the rest of eternity as a vampire who’s called Keith.

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