The Christmas Rower

– – That was nice of my mother to get us all pajamas, wasn’t it, Charlie?… And how did you like the kids as little Santa’s helpers?
– – I thought you looked pretty good as Mrs. Santa.
– – It’s usually referred to as Mrs. Claus.
– – I think it was nice of your mother.
– – She helped with the rowing machine, too, you know… I told her you’d been wanting one… But that’s for this Christmas, and your birthday, and our anniversary in advance.
– – And you?
– – I’ve still got a birthday and anniversary due…

The rowing Santa.
– – So, what did you think of me on the machine?
– – You mean, after you put on your Santa pajamas?
– – Right… Pretty good, huh?
– – You mean your technique… Or your saying to the kids – Look at me. I’m Santa, and I’m rowing to the North Pole.
– – Yeah.
– – Playing to the audience, huh, Charlie?
– – How about the technique?

The audience.
– – Technically, okay… But do you know what Carl said?
– – That I wasn’t really going to the North Pole.
– – Actually, he said you weren’t going anywhere… You were in the same spot all the time.
– – Kim liked it, right?
– – She thought you looked funny… I mean, there she was, a little helper, staring at a rowing Santa.
– – And how about Mrs. Santa?
– – Make that, Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus.
– – Okay, how about Mrs. Claus?
– – You know what I told the kids, Santa?
– – What?
– – Remember, this is Mrs. Santa speaking… I said to the kids – You can call it staying in the same place over and over, or looking funny…but I call it your father…

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