Saturday Morning Shopping

The order, to start.
– – I’ve got this. There’s nothing to worry about.
– – Wait a second, Charlie.
– – Don’t worry. I know what to do and where to go… You want a Jewish apple cake, but for that I go to the Italian bakery, because they make a better Jewish apple cake than the deli, right?
– – Right, but…
– – And for cannolis, I go to the deli… See, I’ve got it.
– – There’s another thing…
– – Look, Cheryl, I remember about the croissants… Don’t worry, I’ll get the croissants at the Jamaican place… The kids like going there anyway.

Croissants and pickles.
– – I’ll get three plain, three almond, and one chocolate. I know how your mother likes chocolate.
– – Who doesn’t like a chocolate croissant?
– – All right, I’ll get three of them.
– – But, Charlie…
– – I’m ahead of you… C’mon, I want to get this done… Where’re the kids?
– – They’re coming, Charlie… But…
– – I know what you’re going to say… Make sure to pick up some kosher dills… Go figure, that the Jamaican place has better pickles than the deli.
– – That’s what I wanted to tell you, Charlie…

The new place, old hardware.
– – Okay, kids… C’mon.
– – Wait a second, Charlie… I wanted to tell you something about the Hardware Store.
– – We need some hardware, too?… You know, I like that little section they set aside for fishing rods and tackle… Maybe I could see if Carl would like a spin casting rod – a little one – for his birthday.
– – Charlie, they removed that section.
– – No rods? No lures?
– – That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you… The local Hardware Store is now selling terrific Jewish apple cake and great bagels.
– – What?
– – They took out the fishing equipment… Some lady they contracted with makes the best cake…
– –Better than the Italian Jewish apple cake?
– – Right… And their bagels and croissants are supposed to be great… They’ve got pickles, too… They cut back on the work gloves section to make room for the jars.

– – Got it… Okay, we’ll be off.
– – Wouldn’t you like some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee as well, Charlie?
– – We’re really going to have a great morning, huh?… And don’t tell me. They have great coffee, too, at the Hardware Store.
– – Their coffee’s great. But what’re you talking about, Charlie?
– – I’m talking about getting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. I’ll pick it up at the Hardware Store.
– – Charlie, you should know by now… If you want Jamaican Blue Mountain, you’ve got to go to the Asian Food Market…

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