First trip, for him.
– – This city is something.
– – I told you so.
– – I mean, the people are overflowing the places… And every place has constant country music.
– – I told you, Charlie. This’s Nashville.
– – I’ve never seen anything like it… I mean the music, and the barbecue.
– – I told you, Charlie… This’s Nashville.

The past.
– – How long has it been like this?
– – For as long as anyone can remember… My sisters and I would visit my aunt Peg…
– – She was the one who wore all the rings?
– – No, she went in for necklaces… Remember, necklaces over necklaces.
– – Right.
– – It was like this when we visited her… I remember some of the trips back then.
– – You and your sisters were kids, huh?
– – Yuh… I asked her about the necklaces.
– – What’d she say?
– – This’s Nashville.

The music, the barbecue.
– – I guess you have to grow up with it.
– – What do you mean, Charlie?
– – The music.
– – Don’t you like it when you hear real live country music?
– – Yes… But it’s as they say – the men are singing about drinking and carrying on Friday and Saturday nights, and the women are singing about dragging them to church on Sundays…
– – That’s your take?
– – Don’t get me wrong. I like the barbecue.
– – Look. This’s Nashville.

The test.
– – I mean, the barbecue really is something, Cheryl.
– – You should’ve had my Aunt Peg’s… But let me ask you…
– – It’s too bad your Aunt’s not around.
– – Okay… But let me ask you. Do you like the men’s or the women’s songs better?
– – What do you mean?
– – I mean, fooling around or straightening up.
– – Do I have to answer that, Cheryl?
– – Of course you do.
– – Truthfully?
– – C’mon, Charlie… This’s Nashville…

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