The Energy That Split The Table At Pappadeaux

I say I was raised on Ramen noodles & potted meat. You say you couldn’t imagine yourself opening a pack. I say I’m a certified Savage & Spartan racer. You say running is not your thing & certainly not in the mud. I say Martin is the best show ever. You say anything Martin Lawrence makes you drowsy. I say I’m an Uno & Scrabble man, don’t dare step to me. You say you only speak the language of Spades. I say I went to Georgia State University. You make the face of how could I not go to a HBCU? I say Tampa Bay has been my team since their first Superbowl. You say you did away with the NFL when Mike Vick let the dogs loose. I say Anita Baker is a songstress, poet, & prophet in one. You say only your mom listens to that. I say I’m more of an ice-cold beer guy, Budweiser to be exact. You say you are Bordeaux & Chardonnay any time of the day. I say I’ve had braces for two & a half years now. You say you are glad you never needed them. I say I unintentionally & intentionally reminisce from time to time. You say you only live in the future. I tell you I am a poet, the black Shakespeare in the making. You say you can’t get into that stuff. Now we’re left to talk about the weather.                        

Beautiful day, isn’t it?

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