CandyLand Obituaries

Sweet Queen Frostine Dies

Assumed drowned in the Ice Cream Sea 
where the bonbon buoys bob, she now feeds 
on cloud after cotton candy cloud dawning 
from black licorice night skies.

She flies, sighing, just above the lime green 
popsicle trees aligned along Licorice Lane’s 
gingerbread houses, full of gingerbread boys 
eating cinnamon toast for breakfast. 

Soon, they’ll waddle down Rainbow Shortcut, 
wave to Gramma Nut, Plumpy, and Jolly, 
en route to Whistle Pop School. Gingerbread
girls, do the dishes. Even the Princess, Lolly,

cannot go to school with them. King Kandy 
decreed that girls have cooties, so girls may go
either to Molasses Swamp, or marry Gloppy.
I know because my brothers told me when I won.

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