WSMW (Woman Seeking Mask-Wearer)

Thirtysomething female accountant looking for a man with career goals, love for the outdoors, and willingness to wear a mask. Sarcastic movie-loving gal enjoys trying new food (the spicier the better!), board games, and being fully vaccinated. I’m looking for someone who likes a blend of adventure and cuddly downtime, and who has been boosted for at least 6 weeks. Though I’ve been hurt in the past, I’m looking forward to a fresh start, and lots of positivity (though I’ve only tested negative). If you like being active, are interested in checking out the local art scene, and have PPO insurance to cover testing for future variant spreads, I’d love to meet up. My ideal fella is respectful, well-read, and will quarantine for the full time period recommended by the CDC. To describe my perfect date, there’s nothing I’d enjoy more than waking up early with my better half, washing my hands, reading the paper over some fresh roast coffee, and checking at-home test kit distribution data together. From there, we could go to a restaurant with outdoor dining and a customer vaccination policy, then maybe check levels at hand sanitizer stations at Target. I’d love to then re-read my guy’s vaccination card and chat about the small groups he’s been around in the past 5 days. We’d end by grabbing some take-out with gloved hands, and then he could remind me of the members in his bubble.

Amazing men out there who are seeking an amazing woman, send me pics of you showing that you are wearing your mask over both your mouth AND nose. 

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