Anti-Vaxxers Reviewed

In the office, observing precautions.
– – Dr. Fruman, do you mind if I ask you a question?
– – No problem, Ralph… What is it?
– – It’s about the pandemic.
– – You’ve been vaccinated, right?
– – Sure… But I read an article saying that the vaccine caused all kinds of problems…
– – Problems?
– – Like people dying from it… And, then, comparing mandates to the Holocaust.
– – I heard about that, Ralph.
– – There was even a rally in Washington against the vaccine.
– – And the Holocaust came up, too?
– – Right.
– – So, what’s your question?
– – I wondered what you thought about that?

The review.
– – Ralph, I think I know who wrote that article… And, it reminds me of a review I read once.
– – A review?
– – A book review… It was about a book on Greek philosophy.
– – How so?
– – You know what the reviewer said?… She said it was the best book on Greek philosophy ever written by someone who knew absolutely nothing about Greek and absolutely nothing about philosophy.
– – Greek philosophy, huh?
– – You understand, don’t you Ralph?
– – Absolutely.

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