After “Operation: Save Big Dog” 

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “Operation: Save Big Dog”, 
His plan for everyone else to come to his rescue, 
With whatever resources they have to hand 
(if they’d just stop partying for a moment 
And put those wine glasses down), 
Satire has come to the conclusion 
That it can no longer compete. 
Oh, it’s not that “Operation: Save Big Dog” 
Is not capable of being satirised 
(Allusions to dogs’ bollocks 
Allusions to dogs that are very much not big – Scrappy Doo, anyone?)
It’s that operations that take their names from the
Board book edition of the Junior Encyclopaedia of Bullshit
Do so much of the job themselves 
That satire might as well stay at home,
Perhaps get a few beers in, 
Order a new wine fridge, 
And have its mates round for a bit of a do. 
What about in the garden?
Overlooked by a colleague with a camera,
So it can be leaked to the press in a year or two 
When someone with a conscience 
Decides that politicians partying 
While the nation is on lockdown 
Simply will not do.
Oh yeah, it can afford to knock back a few bevvies,
‘cos it might be leaving off the satire for a bit, 
But there’s still plenty of opportunity to take the piss.

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