– – Doc… Doctor Fruman…
– – Huh?
– – Your ears… Can you take that thing out of your ears?
– – What?
– – Doctor Fruman…
– – What’s that you’re pointing at, Ralph?… Oh, I get it… Here, let me take this thing out.
– – I guess you couldn’t hear me.
– – What’s that you say, Ralph?
– – Come on, Doc.
– – I was just having a little fun with you there.
– – You mean, when you said – What’s that you say?… I wanted to ask you something.
– – Okay.
– – But now it kind of skips my mind.
– – It happens.
– – Tell me, do doctors keep those things in their ears…
– – Stethoscopes?
– – Yeah, stethoscopes… I mean, sometimes do  you keep them in your ears just so you don’t have to hear what people say?
– – Are you sure you never were a doctor, Ralph?
– – How do you mean?
– – I mean, why are you bringing up some of the trade secrets?…

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