Businesses From Literature Reviewed On Glassdoor

Mr. Rochester’s Thornfield Hall
“Woman locked in the attic detrimentally affects the company culture.”

Fun parties, if I were into parties. I’m not.

There was plenty of room for growth into the role of wife of my manager, even when the position was already filled.

There was a woman in the attic who tried to kill me.

I don’t know if this falls into the category of sexual harassment or just sadism, but my boss was keeping her locked in said attic. Also, he was married to her, and then he tried to marry me, too. While he was still married to her, which he did not tell me. It all just felt really icky.

The work/life balance was only fair.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
“Frequently asked to hurt children.”

Free candy.

This was basically slave labor.

Manager clearly had NPD.

We were asked to harm children because they were “selfish.” What kid isn’t selfish? This was also NOT a one-time occurrence, and when I tried to go to HR to be transferred to working the cotton candy machine, I learned that HR didn’t exist.

Ancient Greek Army
Overall: **
“I have seen worse sights than this. But a commuter pass would have been helpful.”

I almost always felt that management valued my input.

I wasn’t given clear directions for how to get home and got a little lost.

Trojan Army
“I was supposed to be rewarded for nepotism.”

Some bonuses from looting.

I gained the skills to found the Roman Empire.

I became so coveted that my girlfriend killed herself rather than be without me. That’s pretty cool.

Frequent meddling from the gods.

Everyone I cared about died.

I became the bane of every high school Latin student’s existence.

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