Flowers? For Men?

Mikey didn’t love flowers as much as mother

Daniel absolutely loved flowers as much as his mother

Jonesy, in a weird way, wanted to become his mother…

Pete knew nothing about flowers, but made an attempt to learn!

Pat could not learn too much about flowers, due to his anchor of a religion.

Marty thought roses had the most beautiful smell

Ben also thought of roses the same way, then called Marty out in front of everyone!

Jack vacillated on the idea of speaking his mind about roses…

Author received flowers from his wife on their anniversary

Samuel thought this was backwards, so he gave flowers to Author’s wife

Carmichael and his team discovered Samuel’s battered corpse days later

Freddie picked some tulips in a nearby field

Craig picked on Freddie for most of his adult life after that

Billy thought some men deserved flowers, and others not so much

Author was one of these people.

Lewis, an illiterate, wrote only wingdings to his fair love. She did not give him flowers.

Carmichael gave his team each some flowers. They thought he was crossing some lines.

Deng googled the best ways to incorporate daisies into his cooking

Nathaniel, being a friend of Deng’s, died of a mysterious cause

Dave wore a poppy on the anniversary of his friends’ death

Oliver, writing this piece, notes that Dave drove death camp trains

Keaton placed flowers on the surface of his sensual bath

Jerome placed flowers in the barrels of opposing rifles

Hanlon placed flowers between his ass

Carmicheal was experiencing new things with Hanlon

Dustin Hoffman’s future grave was bare of any nice flowers that could grow

Felton believed black orchids are a sign of good fortune

Linus, Felton’s father, riddled his sons childhood with fibs and untrue sayings about flowers

Oswald compared his existence to that of a daffodil

Daffodil, the flower that oswald was fucking, could not do much

Father O’Rourke was opposed to the idea of laying on a bed of flowers for his viking funeral.

Bobby found nothing but a bed full of flowers when looking for his wife in a hurry

Carmicheal, looking for Bobby’s wife, suspects his split personality “The Madman” of foul play

Tim has been growing sunflowers for a while!

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