Working Conditions

– – You were on the phone for a while, huh?
– – It was my mother, Charlie.
– – I gather… But still it was a long time even for her.
– – She was talking about her friend, Frieda.
– – She’s the one with the short husband?
– – No, that’s Doris Gladwin.  Frieda’s husband, Sam, is the one with the really thick glasses.
– – Oh, yeah. I remember… Still, your mother had an awful lot to say.
– – Actually, it was Frieda who had so much to say. Apparently, she’s got a new job, and she had to tell my mother all about it.
– – So?
– – So… It seems Frieda’s got a terrible job. She went on and on about it. She told Mother it has the worst working conditions she’s ever seen. And the hours…
– – Bad?
– – The worst hours, the worst Frieda’s ever seen. She’s exhausted… Then she went on for an even longer time telling Mother about her boss… She’s never worked for a boss like that… The worst boss she’s ever had. It’s just terrible…
– – Who’s her boss?
– – Her boss?… For the last three weeks Frieda’s working for her daughter…

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