Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski’s Live Commentary On My Morning Routine

Johnny: We’re here live at the apartment of Ali Ruth from the U.S.A., where Ali is about to begin her morning routine.

Tara: That’s right, Johnny. By the way, I love that you’re wearing a raven in your hair.

J: Thank you, Tara. The raven is my hair. 

T: Love it. Chic.

J: So what are Ali’s odds today?

T: Well, Johnny, it’s hard to say. She’s still getting over an ankle injury from her morning routine yesterday, when she got out of bed without realizing her foot was asleep and fell down immediately.

J: She’s been looking so fatigued this season — interesting to watch, but not in a good way. Let’s see if she can turn things around today.

T: And the alarm clock has sounded!

J: Not a very upbeat alarm, but a safe choice. Classic.

T: She’s about to tackle her first technical component, Getting Out of Bed. 

J: This move gave her a lot of trouble yesterday.

T: It’s a relatively easy move – she’s starting off slowly, easing into her routine so she can conserve her energy for the more difficult components later.

J: Aaaand…YES! A clean landing! 

T: Oh — but she stubbed her toes on the bed frame.

J: And we can hear that she is swearing profusely. That’s absolutely going to hurt her artistry score. 

T: Based on the way she’s limping, looks like it was a triple-toe-double-toe stub.

J:  Less than 30 seconds in, she has already stubbed several of her toes. Hard to come back from that, but it’s early. She’ll need to really stay focused for a clean routine from here on out.

T: She just has to push through and keep her confidence up for the more difficult components in the second half. Let’s see how she handles her next component, Making Coffee.

J: This is an easy component for Ali — it’s where she really sparkles. Sometimes she executes this component several times in a row when she’s feeling confident. It’s a joy to watch.

T: That’s right, Johnny — as long as she can keep it from spinning out of control, Making Coffee should be a big point-getter for her.

J:  She’s winding up to attempt a Quadruple Scoop French Press…OH! Oh honey, no!

T:  And she spilled the coffee grinds all over the floor and counter. Disaster.

J: She went into it with too much force. It would have been less risky to dial it back and do a clean double.

T: But it’s not the end yet for Ali — she’s about to tackle her third technical component, Making an Omelette.

J: This is a very sophisticated move and it’s one she added fairly recently. 

T: She’s looking very focused now, preparing for the double omelette flip. And….

J: Nailed it! Beautiful landing.

T: Absolutely gorgeous. That’s the best omelette flip I’ve ever seen her do. 

J: Let’s see if she can keep up the momentum in her next component, Personal Hygiene.

T: This is a two-part component requiring both showering and face-washing. She’s gearing up for the shower now…and…

J: OHHH! She didn’t even attempt the shower — she just splashed sink water on her armpits and muttered, “Good enough.” 

T: And she did not wash her face at all. Wow.


T: Incomplete execution of the face-washing and showering components means that she will receive no points for Personal Hygiene.

J: Next up is her final component, Getting Dressed. 

T: She needs to really attack this section of the program if she wants to finish this routine with dignity. And…let’s see what she does…


T: OH! It hurts to watch.

J: Ali has chosen to pair an unwashed navy top with a deodorant stain that she pulled out of the hamper with a pair of clashing black pants and mismatched socks.

T: It’s because she still hasn’t turned any lights on in the apartment. This mistake could have been prevented so easily.

J: You know, it’s such an easy correction to make, but time and time again we see that she chooses not to make it.

T: She’s throwing things into a bag and preparing to leave her apartment now. No jewelry. No make-up.

J: And she forgot to pack her laptop charger.

T: Tara, I don’t think I can bear to watch any more.

J: Me neither. Let’s bounce so we can start preparing our outfits for the 2026 Olympics in Italy.

T: Love it. Let’s.

J: See you all in 2026.

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