First inkblot.
– – That’s an inkblot, right, Dr. Grubner?
– – Right, Stan… But for the moment, let’s forget it’s an inkblot… Just tell me if you see anything else there… Just let your mind go.
– – You mean, I see an inkblot… But, I also see a face there?
– – Good, Stan, a face… Any face in particular? Anything about the face?
– – The grin… It’s grinning.
– – Smiling or grinning?
– – No, not smiling… Grinning… You know, supercilious, that kind of grin… A grin like my Uncle Leo had.
– – Uncle Leo?
– – More like a sneer… That’s Uncle Leo all right

Third card
– – Okay, how about the third card, Stan?
– – Are all your cards of Uncle Leo?
– – He’s sneering again, as in the first two?
– – But even worse… He was the kind of guy who’d beat you in ping-pong, then gloat about it.
– – Tell me about that.
– – When we’d get together… You know, family get-together’s, Dr. Grubner…
– – Sure.
– – I remember he had a ping-pong table down in his basement… When Uncle Leo beat you, he’d give that superior grin… ‘Your backhand, Stan, I knew I could count on beating you there’ – he’d say things like that.
– – Gloating?
– – That’s a mild way of putting it.

Fifth card.
– – And this one?
– – How come so many of your cards are about uncle Leo?
– – Stan, this is a projective test… It’s what you see in the card.
– – That’s Uncle Leo there, laughing, the way he’d laugh after he had rolled your knuckles.
– – Rolled your knuckles?
– – Sure… You know how you shake hands… For example, after a ping-pong game, you shake hands…
– – Right.
– – Well, that’s Leo there, grinning, and rolling my knuckles at the same time.
– – I’d say he had an impact on your life, Stan.
– – You mean him, his grin, his superior attitude, and the knuckles as well, Dr. Grubner?… I mean, you’re the one who’s got so many cards of him.
– – Let’s just call them inkblots, okay… But tell me, what did your Uncle Leo do?
– – You mean, aside from making people uncomfortable?
– – Okay, aside from that.
– – He was a psychologist, Dr. Grubner…

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