Look Up In History: It’s Not A War, It’s Not An Invasion, It’s…

In 2022 Vladimir Putin enacts strong measures against anyone claiming that Russian troops in Ukraine have invaded that country or are at war – although it certainly looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…  Putin insists that his army is carrying out a special military operation – a term previously used by a duck in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. But, enough of ducks…

We turn the clock back to 1812, to the Grand Armee led by the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, about to cross the Neman River, and to two privates in the Armee…
– – Hey, Louie.
– – What is it, Pete?
– – I’m Pierre. My cousin’s Pete.
– – Okay.
– – So, we’re going in, huh?
– – Into Russia?
– – Right, Russia.
– – You bet… We’re under Napoleon, and we’re going in.
– – So, we’re going to war?
– – No way.
– – Look… We’re invading Russia, aren’t we?… I mean, Napoleon’s ordered it, hasn’t he?… And he’s a military genius.
– – We’re not invading, and we’re not at war… And everyone knows he’s a genius carrying out this special military operation.… I figure we should end up in Moscow in the winter.
– – That Napoleon certainly is a genius.
– – And what a speaker… Exhorting us all by explaining how this was going to be such a great special military operation.
– – His exact words.
– – Well… It’s on to Moscow and the winter…

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