If at first.
– – Did you hear about Frank?
– – Which Frank?
– – ‘Try-and-try-again’.
– – Oh, you mean, ‘If-at-first-you-don’t-succeed’ Frank, right?
– – Same guy.
– – What about him?
– – You didn’t hear, then?

First try.
– – I remember years ago when he tried running that lunch stand.
– – Which one?
– – The second one over on Mill Street. I remember they had a lot of flies in the place in the summer.
– – Right… And do remember the last place?
– – The Board of Health was involved in that one too, right?
– – That Frank certainly hated the Board of Health.
– – That was Frank, all right… If at first he didn’t succeed, he tried and tried again.
– – He always left it at two tries after the first.
– – He always hated the Board of Health.

Second try.
– – And some of his wives, too.
– – He gave marriage three tries, didn’t he?
– – He certainly didn’t succeed with his first wife, Ellen.
– – No… Wasn’t she and her hats something, though?
– – He tried with Joyce, but that was a bust.
– – He tried again with the last one, Frieda… But she was out of town and gone after a few years.
– – I always wondered what happened to her and that little dog of hers…

Third try.
– – Anyway, Frank had surgery.
– – Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Frank in a while… Surgery, huh?
– – Something in the abdomen, I heard.
– – How’d it go?
– – Well, at first it didn’t succeed.
– – So they tried, and tried again?
– – Exactly.
– – That certainly was Frank…

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