BritBox Binge Watch: Murder Most English

7-8 p.m.: “Country Blood: Sticky Wicket in the Thicket” Hard drinking Inspector Ian Blitten in the remote northern county of Dortlinenshireford in 1959 solves a case involving a triple murder, the estate of the bankrupt local squire, an American actress seeking refuge with a maiden aunt after a nervous breakdown, a croquet tournament, and the local Ramblers’ Association who are on the rampage over increased traffic by television crews in their bucolic countryside.

8-9 p.m.: “Fiddlesticks!: Death in the Wrong Key.” Timid violinist Cecil Dinwiddie of the New Harmonia Ancient Players discovers a corpse in the green room before the world premiere of a work by famous but difficult visiting composer Cyril Westfinster. With their guest soloist (Cyril’s paramour) dead, what will happen, and who wanted to off the buxom Rumanian soprano? In his usual self-effacing way, Cecil solves the case but almost loses his hearing.

9-10 p.m.: “SYCI: Trouble on High” Recovering alcoholic Phillipa Claxthistle leads her Scotland Yard team in the investigation of a gory murder in an upscale brothel which caters to members of Parliament and the royal family. The inspector is threatened with suspension by her superiors for getting “too close to the top,” but she forges ahead.

10-11 p.m.: “Tea and Mayhem: The Apse Lapse” Spinster cousins and housemates Olivia and Agnetta come upon a body in their local 17th-century chapel and proceed to have tea with everyone in the village to uncover the murderer before the misogynistic and pretentious local chief inspector.

11-12 p.m.: “Murder Most Medical: Botched Indeed!” Once again nurse-turned-amateur-sleuth Halcyon McKenzie observes tension in the operating theatre. There follows a rash of inexplicable deaths during routine plastic surgeries. Faces and suspicions are raised!

12-1 a.m.: “The Carnaby Files:  Fatal Fashion” The Darby twins in 1960’s London pursue groovy fashion and crime-solving when the bodies of nubile bulimic top models are found all over London, strangled by their own chain belts after being apparently force-fed pommes frites.  

1-2 a.m.: “The Cat’s Pajamas: The Pipes Are Calling” 1920’s bored heiress Cecilia Upsindowne drives recklessly all over the south of England in her 12-cylinder convertible with her unflappable dogsbody Percy, pursuing clues about the disappearance of the fifteenth Earl of Hagsworth who is feared dead when his bagpipes are returned to Cecilia’s old school chum the Countess in an unmarked and driverless pony cart.

2-3 a.m.: “Inspector Crumbly: Going Rogue” The clinically depressed, undermedicated, and agoraphobic Heathcliff Crumbly disobeys orders from the Police High Commissioner of Throckbottles County to solve the murder of both an ironmonger who is repairing the grates and gates of Flintcoxburysford Abbey, and the Viscount’s granddaughter who is visiting from New Zealand with a strange Polish count.

3-4 a.m.: “Lights! Action! Murder!: Fake Blood Again?” An “accidental” death on the set of a BBC One murder mystery pulls makeup artist Clarissa Barnsdoore and her lighting tech husband Cyril into a web of lies, danger, and extensive make-overs. Part 1 of 2.

4-5 a.m.: “Lights! Action! Murder!: Death by Glamour” Clarissa is a murder suspect when her cosmetics are tampered with, but she goes on to receive the coveted Obsidian Mascara Wand award and foil the murderer at the ceremony. Part 2 of 2.

5-7 a.m.: “The British Obsession” This 2020 documentary explores the English hobby of murder detection, touching on 105 of the most prominent and popular of BBC One’s 9,600 mystery episodes of the past decade.   

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