The sweater.
– –  You’ve been working on that thing for a long time, Cheryl.
– – How do you mean?
– – That sweater.
– – I want to get it right, Charlie.
– – How long have you been knitting it?
– – You don’t mind that I knit while we’re in bed together, do you, Charlie?
– – Well…
– – Look, it’s for my Uncle Ed. And I want to get it right.

In bed.
– – How long has it been?
– – Last week I had to pull some of it out and start again… Look, I’m not bothering you in bed, am I?… I could knit downstairs after the kids are asleep, if you prefer.
– – No… I don’t think you need to do that… I just said you’ve been working on it a long time.
– – I told you, I want to get it right. My Uncle’s going to be 84.
– – I know.
– – That’s something, huh?

The Bible.
– – I know your Uncle’s going to be 84.
– – He’ll look good in this sweater when it’s finally done.
– – You know, Cheryl, the whole world and everything in it was created in six days, or so they say.
– – Who says?
– – C’mon… You know… The Bible.
– – The whole world in six days?
– – That’s what they say.
– – But you know what the difference is, don’t you, Charlie?
– – What’s that?
– – I want to get it right…


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