While On A Shortcut…

Taking the shortcut, the beginning.
– – I’ve got this, Cheryl.
– – I’m not so sure, Charlie.
– – Look, I know these old roads like the back of my hand.
– – Charlie, you said yourself it’s been years since you’ve been here.
– – Don’t worry… It’ll save us an hour getting home.
– – It’s getting a little dark, Charlie…

On the shortcut, a little later.
– – How long’s it going to be?
– – I’m working on it, Cheryl.
– – You know the kids are crying.
– – You gave them the last of the sandwiches?
– – Right… They ate, and they’re under the blanket now. But it’s getting a little dark… How much longer, do you think?
– – How was I to know we’d get a flat… I’m doing my best to change the tire… Could you point the flashlight a little more to the left.
– – You and your shortcuts… The kids are crying, you know.
– – Would you tell them I’ve got this… I’m working on it.
– – I’ve told them that already, Charlie… That’s why they’re crying…

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