My Application To A Prestigious Art School After Killing It At My Local Paint And Sip Studio

Please describe your artistic journey

I had been searching for the right creative outlet for some time, with no luck. No artistic ventures really spoke to my soul in the way I truly needed. But when I stepped into my local paint and sip studio on 4th Avenue, I immediately – instinctively – knew that this would be a different experience. The atmosphere inside was totally buzzing. And so was I.

As I read on a magnet recently, a cubist artist named Paul Klee once said, “One eye sees, the other feels.” And in that same spirit of my man PK, I say “One hand paints, the other holds a glass of White Zinfandel.”

Please describe two or three important projects that you have completed

As an Artiste in residence here, I’ve been able to produce quite the body of work. The medium of the mass-produced white 16”x20” canvas you can get at your local Michaels – as well as the artistic conceit of this national franchise – inspires mostly sunsets, oversized poppies and whimsical gnomes. So, while I won’t commit to a specific milieu, per se, I’m happy to share some examples of my best work:

There’s my prolific lunar series, which is a rather large collection of moon renderings in every context and hue imaginable. I’ve painted crescent moons, heart-shaped moons, cultural moons (mostly Japanese), something called waxing gibbous moons, and incandescent moons. Also, I’m proud of my iterations of moons as expressed in positional language: a moon next to some pines; moon above the mountains; moon over a lake; moon beneath a cloud; I think you get the picture.

My tenure at this studio for the past six months has also allowed me to become proficient in painting animals. But only trendy “It” animals that are cute enough to make us forget their actual proclivities if we pissed them off in real life like giraffes, llamas, sloths, and hedgehogs. In my renderings, I love to take these creatures out of their natural habitat and, with the right accessories and expressions drawn in, reimagine them as never before: near-sighted, dapper, annoyed by Mondays like the rest of us, or charmed by the festive tidings of the winter season. Because as my “Portrait of Otter Tending Bar” illustrates, what is art if not conceptualizing the impossible and unexpected?

Can you walk us through the technical and creative approach of some of your art?

My engagement with some technical and creative methods can be seen in a landscape painting I did on “Beach Blast Night.” I put in a lot of effort to distinguish myself from the couple sitting next to me on their second date. We were all tasked with this tropical assignment, but I dare say my execution was far superior. My palm fronds hang effortlessly, but not in a way that looks like elongated fingers. I was also told my use of chartreuse green was “inspired,” and yes, I will go with that even though it was very much a happy accident after I knocked over the yellow paint as I topped off my Pinot Noir. And the bird I added to this painting even though no one specifically told me to shows I’m not afraid to take wide artistic liberties.

I am also pleased to share my technical skills in mixed media. On one project, I worked on reclaimed wood and painted on a quote that speaks to me on deep level: Live, Laugh, Love. Like all artists, my interests and technique shift in order to answer the types of pressing questions that energize all artists: What inspired you? What need is this fulfilling? And for me, with this painted sign, I needed something to hang in my half-bath downstairs.

What do you think you could contribute to the culture of the school?

I’m not just a lush with a brush. I firmly believe this atelier is the ultimate training ground that has primed me for the next level at your prestigious school. Not everyone can just get sauced, sit upright before an easel for two hours, and make magic with acrylic paint. I’m confident I would be an asset to your student population as evidenced in my ability to work alongside a diverse cross-section of society: couples, moms on a well-deserved night out, company retreats, and Gail who’s here visiting from Cincinnati. This place cultivates an environment conducive to creativity. Here, you’re painting to the rhythm and beat of your true, artistic soul – also to “Mambo #5,” which the DJ likes to play a lot. It’s all about distilling the essence of my artistry as well as drawing out the tannins from really good boxed wine.

Thank you for your consideration.

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